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Partnering for
Global Resourcing


Concertina couples the Top 1% of offshore talent with our Enterprise Growth Structure (EGS) to drive productivity, profit and sales.


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Memberships & Awards:

Businesses focused on growth need a predictable lead gen strategy, coupled with an agile, affordable and scalable workforce.

The hybrid workforce is here to stay. Leverage it with offshoring! Concertina partners with founders and CEOs of $1M+ companies focused on establishing predictable lead gen and revenue, whilst addressing labor & skills shortages. Benefit from accessing marketing and sales best practices (EGS) alongside the top 1% of offshore talent.

Gain the competitive advantage with lead gen at scale, driven by an offshore engine room.

Our Enterprise Growth Structure (EGS) Proven Process:

Offshoring often fails. This is evident in the 3X churn rate of staff. To secure the best talent and ensure success, mid-large size private companies choose to partner with Concertina.

Our patented EGS process is proven, scalable and ethical:

Customized Global Resourcing Plan

As an integral component of our comprehensive offshoring Advisory services, we provide you with a detailed plan that charts the path towards adopting a hybrid workforce model that incorporates offshoring. As part of our onsite assessment, we identify existing gaps, formulate your lead generation strategy, establish foundational marketing principles, and delineate anticipated cost savings, as well as projected efficiency gains and skill enhancements.

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Plug-and-Play Growth Strategies

Whilst we appreciate the effectiveness of EOS, it may not fully address the primary drivers of growth, namely sales and marketing. Our teams are proficient Enterprise Growth Structure (EGS) implementors, offering a comprehensive sales and marketing management system. EGS is designed to establish predictable revenue by promoting training, effective execution, accountability, and scorecarding, all crucial for driving lead generation and sales.

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Insider Access to the Best A-team Talent

We are global leaders in sourcing the Top 1% of offshore talent and excelling in their retention. The best candidates are NOT looking for a job, so we hunt them out. What we offer is unique and compelling, which attracts the best candidates. We exclusively focus on experts and gurus, following a ‘Hire, Train, Deploy’ (HTD) approach. After placement, our commitment continues with ongoing certified Digital Marketer training, continuous support, and access to best practice SOPs to accelerate results.

Growth Pods to Build & Optimize Outcomes

We go beyond the conventional approach of simply hiring and supervising staff. Instead, we create Pods to increases offshore success: Pod Build, Pod Optimization, and Pod Performance @Scale. You will be assigned a PSM (Pod Success Manager) and a PIM (Pod Integration Manager) for a short-term engagement, dedicated to setting up your offshore team for success.

Partnering works. But don’t just take our word for it – checkout these case studies

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Rose Batteries

San Jose, California


Turn your sales people into closers only

How you drove sales the past 10 years is not going to work into the future. We can no longer BUY good times by simply adding more sales people and spending more on marketing.

B2B businesses need to approach sales differently, starting with turning their sales people into closers only, not hunters and gatherers. You can now delegate and automate the hunting and gathering. How? By utilising AI and Offshoring.


Create a plan to ensure offshoring success

Tamara Loehr takes a moment to share her Red/Blue/Black concept. The basic principle Tamara applies is to reduce ‘red’ overhead expenses down to free up cash to invest in ‘blue’ initiatives like sales and marketing to drive growth.  This strategy is a great way to avoid increasing budgets for growth, but instead focus on reducing red expenses with the help of offshore teams, to reinvest in blue marketing also driven by an affordable offshore marketing team. This is the smart way to grow!



Not all BPOs are the same: offshoring checklist

Attention B2B companies looking to scale lead gen! Before you make any decisions around your marketing budget for 24, it’s time to revisit:

💰  Salaries

 ⚒️ Skills 

 📈 and Scorecards. 


Building in-house marketing capability to drive leads at scale makes sense BUT you need A-team players and a proven strategy. 


Most companies fail at offshoring for 3 core reasons:

1.     Absence of detailed processes (SOPs)

2.     No project boards with strict KPIs

3.     Lack of ongoing training and upskilling.

Engaging a BPO to simply recruit and timestamp them isn’t enough. To succeed they must do more than simply babysit your resources. We invite you to compare how we do things differently, resulting in a 97% retention rate.

Take your company to the next level

Find out how Concertina’s global resourcing partnership can help you effectively build in-house teams for profitable and sustainable growth.

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What is ethical offshoring?

Our founders, Tamara Loehr and Natalie Nichols have been leveraging offshoring for 15+ years to build and exit companies. When they initially toured the Philippines, they were horrified at the exploitation and corruption. They were also underwhelmed at the lack of on-the-ground support and guidance.


‘BPOs were simply babysitters who time clocked our staff. We refused to pay an ongoing premium for this,” Natalie explains.


“Traditional offshoring often grapples with an alarmingly high churn rate, which ultimately doesn’t serve your business and has led to the failure of many offshoring endeavours,” said Tamara Loehr, co-founder of Concertina. This led them to create their own Ethical Global Resourcing company, Concertina, which is now an employee of choice in the Philippines. Our commitment extends beyond industry norms and legal requirements. We provide an in-house mental fitness program, a Hardship Relief Fund, Medical Benefits extended to both team members and

their children, and structured career and wealth-building opportunities.


Plus, we have giving embedded in every workday with our ‘Work 1, Give 1’ pledge. For every day of work, you provide a team member, it creates 1 impact to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Click here to view our impact to date. When you combine these initiatives with our best practices, you can finally achieve success in your offshoring endeavors.

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Your Global Resourcing Plan

A job description is not as important as the ‘what and how’. The core KPIs, tasks and outcome needs to be addressed before offshoring begins. We always start with an onsite Assessment to:

• Secure commitment and support from senior management

• Define a growth strategy including lead gen foundations

• Identify global resourcing roles based for key departments

We provide a detailed report outline your global resourcing recommendations and itemized budgets to ensure success.

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