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Global Resourcing Specialist
for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

As leading growth advisors to $10M+ companies in the USA, we help companies achieve 3 critical goals:

1. Reduce overheads and expenses so these funds can be reinvested into growth initiatives

2. Address ongoing onshore rising wages and skills shortages

3. Create predictable revenue and lead gen at scale.


Building offshore teams to reduce costs and drive growth is critical in order not only to survive, but thrive into the future. We achieve this by coupling our established Enterprise Growth Structure (EGS) with global resourcing.

Meet our co-founder, Tamara Loehr, who is a leading growth advisor and business mentor, who walks us through the winning approach:

Own Your Growth: Build In-House capability with expert offshore team members.

If growth is a focus, then you need to build in-house capability. Trying to achieve this ONSHORE is both expensive and unreliable, mainly due to the lack of talent and high salaries demanded by marketers in the USA. To win in the future, you need A-team players. Sourcing them OFFSHORE ensures you get the best talent for the best price, with the flexibility you need.


We have been building offshore marketing and sales engine rooms for businesses for over 15 years. Partnering with Concertina to build your offshore sales support and marketing engine room makes sense:

Concertina offshore team members are more affordable, with half the salary expectations that onshore

Concertina offshore team members are reliable, with a 97% retention rate

Concertina offshore team members are more effective, with each team member having a minimum of 5 years of experience

Concertina offshore team members are trained in EGS before placement: Hired, trained, and deployed.

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Some of the key expert roles we provide:

Social Media Experts.png

Social Media Experts

Omnichannel Content Creation & Distribution

Multimedia Artist.png



Creating engaging video content, including conceptualization, filming, editing and distribution

Full Stack Marketers.png

Full Stack Marketers

Email newsletters, Nurture Sequences, SMS campaigns, Sales Process Automations

Customer Service & Sales Support.png

Customer Service & Sales Support

Live chat, Customer Service, Upsells, Returns, Soliciting Reviews

Outbound Lead Gen Specialists.png

Outbound Lead Gen Specialists

Outbound Messaging, Lead Qualifications, Pipeline Management, Sales & Scorecard Reporting


SMM and Online Chat Support

All have a minimum of 5 years of experience. 

Organic Traffic and SEO Experts.png

Organic Traffic and SEO Experts

Keyword research to create keyword-rich content, on and off-page SEO, online PR pitching for quality backlinks

Website Specialists.png

Website Specialist

Website Builds, Product Page Optimization And Updates, Landing Pages, and Blogs

How to Build an In-house Offshore Engine Room

Watch this video to explore the characteristics of an optimized in-house marketing and sales support team, including insights into budget expectations and recommended key roles:

There are no upfront fees for recruiting with Concertina.


Enquire now and we’ll have some matched candidates from our pool of pre-trained experts ready for you to interview in under 2 weeks.

Offshoring alone doesn’t work: The formula for success

Our success is attributed to a comprehensive approach that combines:

• Detailed and proven Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) rooted in best practices

• Continuous certified digital marketing training, defined KPIs and detailed scorecard reporting

• Dedicated team managers (pod managers) who support your offshore team members. 


This holistic approach makes Concertina the ideal partner for creating offshore in-house teams for your sales, marketing and customer service.


Offshoring often fails! Watch this quick video on how to avoid it.

Getting started with a Global Resourcing Assessment 

Concertina helps you establish in-house offshore teams that surpass onshore performance, instilling the confidence needed for a seamless transition to in-house offshore operations. We encourage founders to adopt the A2O model, Attrition-to-Offshoring, which involves replacing natural attrition with Concertina Global Resources. 

We start with an assessment of your current team's performance, including:

• Audit your Org chart, including salaries in line with our Red/Blue/Black Process.

• Identify cost savings, which can be reinvested to build you a team of marketing and sales experts that will drive lead gen and sales at scale.

• Skills gap analysis to identify where we can increase capability whilst reducing the budget.

• A review of your current SOPs, and recommendations for existing Enterprise Growth Structure (EGS) to plug-and-play.

• Mapping out your customised lead gen process to create foundations for your new offshore sales and marketing team.

Getting started with a Global Resourcing Assessment

As an integral component of our comprehensive audit process, we provide you with a detailed plan that charts the path towards adopting a hybrid workforce model that incorporates offshoring.

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