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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What is the difference between outsourcing and offshoring?
    Offshoring, which is the practice of employing workers from overseas to collaborate with your local team, can help you save time and money. As they integrate into your team, your new team members learn about the culture and values of your business. Regardless of location, outsourcing is the contracting out of work to a third-party organisation. Companies typically opt to outsource because they lack the necessary skill set in-house to finish the job.
  • Is my data safe with Concertina?
    Concertina can assure mentees that their data is fully protected and safe. All team member/s are required to sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement which abides to all data protection protocols.
  • Can I choose how long I can partner with Concertina?
    At Concertina, we offer flexible options that cater to different mentee’s needs. Following the analysis of the requirements, we then customise our partnership with you accordingly.
  • Can the team member/s overseas understand and speak English?
    We make sure to hire offshore team members with strong English communications skills. All of our team members understand and speak English fluently, so communicating with them will not be a problem in any way.
  • What is the minimum number of offshore team members I can hire?
    All of our solutions are upgradable, and you can choose how many team members to hire depending on your needs. To discuss the best options for your company, you can reach out to our Success Manager/Operations Head at
  • Can I choose what country I would like to go offshore?
    Currently, we only hire people from the Philippines who are fit and best for your business needs.
  • What costs are involved? What is the payment method?
    Our fee structure is simple and transparent. We provide our partners with a 7 days term of payment, under a pricing model that enables you to set up your own team and is fully supported and managed by Concertina.
  • How does Concertina invoice their clients?
    Concertina invoice the clients on a monthly basis with a 7 days term of payment, in advance, based on the pre-agreed fixed rates.
  • Who will provide training to my new team member/s?
    Concertina provides free training to all offshore team members including certifications. Courses and/or training provided to the team members are the same with courses and/or training that we offer to our mentees. This is to make sure that all of our offshore team members are certified and will acquire the same skills and knowledge as our mentees. Mentees, on the other hand, will be in charge of the new team member/s training for product and process knowledge.
  • Who supplies my new team member/s with their equipment?
    We offer competitive pay and benefits, allowing us to require offshore team member/s to use their own equipment and have a strong internet connection and back up equipment in order to meet the needs of mentees.
  • Am I able to train my new team member/s with whatever I like or are there certain guidelines?
    Your team members will be trained to meet your expectations. We have guidelines to help you if needed but you can still train your team member/s based on your standards, but we do act ethically because we have a responsibility to ensure that all team member/s are treated equally.
  • Once I have my offshore team set up, who can I report any issues to?
    In a rare scenario that you have an issue with one of your offshore team members, you can contact our dedicated Operations Head, who will resolve any issues as soon as possible. We have escalation procedures in place to ensure that any concern is resolved.
  • What would be the work set-up of my offshore team?
    All Concertina team members are all working from home in a comfortable and quiet workspace.
  • How can I communicate with my offshore team member/s?
    There are no restrictions on any communication channels in the Philippines, allowing you to use any communication channels between your offshore team member/s, such as Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Chat, and the like. We have recommended approaches to communicating with team members for optimum productivity and this will be explained during onboarding.
  • Sales & Lead Generation
    LinkedIn Outbound Lead Generation Specialist Sales Representatives
  • Marketing
    Full-stack Marketers Graphic Designers Web Developer Video Editor Personal Branding System
  • Customer Service
    Customer Service Representative Order Entry
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