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Rose Batteries’ Ground-Breaking Success In Creating Scalable Results With 4x Business Growth

Rose Batteries, a business that builds custom battery packs, sought a digital marketing strategy that fits its unique business model while attracting potential customers with lower acquisition costs.


Tailored-Fit Marketing Strategies:

As a B2B company with extensive sales cycles, we encouraged Rose Batteries to focus on increasing their activity, visibility and credibility on LinkedIn and SEO, positioning them as the partner of choice with their ideal clients.


Exponential Growth:

Rose Batteries achieved a 4x business growth rate shortly after applying what they’ve learned from the EGS Program.

Efficient Lead Generation:

They generated three times more leads than their previous campaigns, resulting in more transactions.

Customized Marketing:

Due to Rose Batteries’ highly customised and specialised services, we helped them create marketing funnels that educated their target clients, demonstrated capability through case studies, and remain top-of-mind with their prospects via regular touch points, valuable content and industry updates.

Creating A Well-Defined Sales Process:

Dominance In The Space:

Rose Batteries became a respected brand inside their industry, with increased brand awareness.

Streamlined Operations:

With seasoned offshore professionals applying in-depth, personalized marketing, Rose Battery steadily achieves qualified lead gen and sales.

We helped Rose Batteries map out their customer journey, with the end goal being a loyal client with repeatable business. This included a repeatable sales process for acquiring more ideal clients.

Multi-stage Sales Process:

We recommended Rose Batteries break up their sales process to reduce the sales cycle. The initial goal was to convert a small project that got them into the clients procurement system. Then positioning more sophisticated and higher-ticket items thereafter.

Professional Offshore Outsourcing:

To help Rose Batteries improve profitability and drive activity, we encouraged them to build highly-skilled remote teams across different departments inside their company.



Rose Batteries’ journey from being a small team to generating 4x growth in their client base underscores the power of personalized B2B marketing strategies. Beusail Academy’s EGS program was vital to its remarkable success and brand awareness.

"Learning how to recruit and manage a remote team helps us take the budget that we would historically spend on one person in marketing, and spend it on three people in marketing, effectively tripling the output of our marketing department. But it's even better than that ... We could go to the Philippines to hire talent. We could afford the top players, the top people in the industry ... And we were able to hire more of them for a similar cost. That revolutionized our business."

Itamar Frankenthal

CEO of Rose Batteries

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