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Clearstem’s remarkable transition to $2M monthly DTC success

ClearSteam, a clinic-based acne skincare brand, sought to shift from a traditional clinic to a DTC online product-based company, in order to expand their brand nationally.


Online Evolution

We encouraged ClearStem to focus their online presence on educational-based, informative content, live webinars and events.

Education & Clean Solutions

ClearStem needed to reinforced their brand positioning as a clean and natural acne alternative.

Community Cohesion

Create a dedicated community platform to unite and empower customers.


Explosive Growth

ClearStem achieved $10M revenue in just two years, maintaining a steady $2M monthly income. A key component was the subscription-based model for acne maintenance.

Authority Status

ClearStem became a trusted skincare authority, building customer confidence and loyalty.

Spokesperson Success

Founder involvement and podcasts fueled ClearStem’s credibility and growth.

Brand Advocacy

We encouraged ClearStem’s founders to become brand spokespersons, with podcast appearances and industry leadership.


Digital Adaptation

Traditional businesses with a product offering can expand nationally through DTC online more cost effectively than a bricks and mortar approach.

Educational Content

Educational content that adds value establishes industry authority and customer trust.

Community Engagement

Building brand communities cultivates loyalty, referrals and long-term success.

Personal Branding

Founder involvement and thought leadership drives brand credibility and expansion.


ClearStem’s journey from clinics to a $2M monthly DTC success underscores the power of online transformation, content, community, and personal branding. Our EGS program played a pivotal role in their remarkable online growth and brand building.

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“Learning from Tamara and Natalie is truly one of the most pivotal times and I’m just internally grateful for you both and the blend of overall energy of what we’re doing mix with the tactical precision. The “How-to” steps are really what everyone needs. I’m truly grateful to know you both and you truly are angels in my life, so thank you!”

Danielle Gronich


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