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Amplifying Your Brand's Success With Flexible Top-Tier Talent

We look for flexible team members capable of catapulting your business to new heights and exceeding your expectations.


Concertina is a high-level outsourcing agency created by CEO Natalie Nichols to help more businesses achieve groundbreaking success with the help of top talents. 


After helping companies with digital transformation and working with  a range of upcoming businesses to even corporate and government,  Natalie recognized why businesses need top-tier talent to create and amplify their results on a flexible and immediate basis.


Her hiring approach has always been to find the best talent and reward them accordingly. Provide the best benefits and training.  This is the same approach Concertina has been built from. 


Today, Concertina proudly works with businesses of all sizes to find their talents globally, allowing them to seamlessly scale to the next level by finding the right team members for them.

Helping Business Amplify Results With Impeccable Talents


Meet Our Professional Team

tamara (1).jpg

Tamara Loehr


nat (1).jpg

Natalie Nichols


raizza (1).jpg
clemen (1).jpg

Raizza Reyes

Head of Operations

Clemen Iniego

HR & Recruitment Manager

With over $3Billion under their mentorship Tamara Loehr, and Natalie Nichols have unlocked one special secret to creating multi-figure businesses- a powerhouse team.


Working with different 8 and 9 -figure entrepreneurs across various industries, Tamara and Natalie co-founded Concertina with an aim to bring highly-seasoned professionals together to help businesses amplify their results.


With a vision to be unparalleled in a cluttered freelancing agency and BPO landscape, Concertina’s unique approach to filtering and performance managing candidates, helps businesses create remarkable results with the highest quality of talent.


Are you ready to catapult your business to the next level?  Start hiring your next game-changing team members. Reach out to us today.

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